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21 Courtenay Park, Newton Abbot, TQ12 2HB


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                                             Professional Snowboard Servicing and Repair

What we do:

Devon Ski Service aim offers the highest standards in Ski and Snowboard

servicing using a careful balance of our precision Ferrari & Merighi ski service machines

( previously located at the Devon Ski Centre ) combined with hand servicing by our experienced

service engineers. We are a family run business with extremely competitive prices.

Our careful balance of both machine and hand finishing allows us to give a superior finish that

simply cannot be achieved by either hand servicing or machine servicing alone.


All on site:

We perform all work on site using our own machinery. Unlike other retailers that claim to be

'service centres' we do not send any equipment off site. This means that we can offer you a

quality service with short turn-around times whilst your equipment is safe and secure in our

premises and not being transported to another location.


Servicing Procedure:

Inspection: Clean and inspect ski snowboard bases.

Edge Cleaning: Gentle machining of edges to ensure an even finish without excessive material


Base Preparation: Bases are lightly machine ground to remove damaged material.

Base repair: Gouges in the base are carefully hand prepared before being hand filled with

PTex base repair material. We use specialist commercial PTex guns to ensure secure bonding.

Deep gouges exposing the core material are filled using a copolymer for superior bonding.

For aesthetic purposes we fill black base areas with black material and clear / coloured base area

with clear material. Larger areas of damage are carefully patched using new base material

Edge Sharpening: Gentle sharpening of edges to ensure an even sharpness.

Tuning: Edges are hand tuned for best performance on the slopes.

Second Inspection: Bases and edges are re-inspected to ensure that yur board has been serviced to the high quality that we expect.

Waxing: We carefully select which wax to apply depending on your chosen ski resort (i.e. regular or cold wax). For dry ski slope use a special wax is applied. We hot wax by hand with multiple passes to ensure an even finish with maximum base penetration. The wax is then polished for an ultra-smooth finish.

If requested we then apply liquid teflon for the ultimate finish.

We also service snowboards for dry ski slope use. We use a slightly different process and use a special dry slope wax. If you would like your board serviced for dry slope use please inform us when you drop them off.


Service Pricing (according to above process):

Full Ski Service: £26 per pair of skis plus gouge repair charges if applicable.

Full Junior Ski Service (junior skis only up to 139cm length): £23 per pair of skis plus gouge repair charges if applicable.

Full Snowboard service: £34 per snowboard plus gouge repair charges if applicable. Please remove board bindings prior to drop-off at our premises.

Gouge repairs: 25p per gouge (not exceeding 75mm) requiring preparation and filling with PTex or 50p per gouge where copolymer material is required (for further info please see service descriptions or ask for details)

Patches: Price on application depending on level of damage.

Optional extras (in addition to above charges):

Liquid Teflon: £2.50 for the ultimate finish and performance.

Binding check: £3.50 bindings checked and release settings adjusted.

Express service: £10 (additional charge per pair skis / board) for same or next working day availability.


New ski service and set up:

Have you purchased skis online? If so then you have probably received them without the bindings fitted. We have a comprehensive range of precision jigs to ensure that your bindings are fitted both accurately and safely.

Our new ski service and set up offers the following:

Binding installation: Bindings professionally and safely fitted to skis

DIN Setting: Binding release (DIN) set to correct value according to boot length, skier height, weight and ability.

Tuning: Edges are hand tuned for best performance on the slopes.

Waxing: Bases are waxed with wax specifically for new ski application. The wax is then polished for an ultra-smooth finish.


New ski service and set up: £40 per pair of skis

Optional extras:

Liquid Teflon: £2 (in addition to above charge) for the ultimate finish and performance.


Payment: At this stage we can accept cash or bank transfer only. If you would like to pay by bank transfer please email us for


Please remember - drop off and collection is only at 21 Courtenay Park, Newton Abbot, TQ12 2HB. Click 'Contact' for more information including a map of our location.



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