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                                                           Ski & Snowboard Repair


At Devon Ski Service we are experienced in the repair of Skis and Snowboards.

We can repair most damage both professionally and cost effectively. Normally your skis / board will require to be serviced at the same time to bring them back to a good standard. The price estimates stated below are based on your skis / board being serviced at the same time.

During the repair process we use the correct slow-cure resin as used during the manufacture of your skis / boards. This means that repairs will cure over-night ready for servicing. The resins we use are non-brittle and will flex with your skis to ensure a lasting repair.


Examples of Damage repairs are as follows:


Top side/edge damage:

We commonly repair damage to the top sheet caused by impact, crossed skis etc. The cost for these repairs is around £3 to £5 (dependent on level of damage)




Devon Ski Service Logo Ski and Snowboard Repair by Devon Ski Service

Top Sheet delamination:

Top sheets can delaminate when caught against a sharp or rough object. We can effectively repair this damage. Costs range from around £5 to £10.



Gouges are repaired as part of the servicing process. These are repaired using Ptex material (effectively a plastic which is melted into the cleaned gouge) applied using our commercial grade Ptex applicators. As our Ptex applicators regulate the material temperature the resulting repair is far superior to home-made repair. We charge only 25p per gouge (up to 75mm long).


Deep gouges:

Deep gouges (where the core of the ski is exposed) can also be repaired. The process is similar to above but a co-polymer material is used to bond to the core. We charge only 50p per copolymer fill (again up to 75mm long).


Base patches:

Where a large area of the ski base has been torn away we can repair by replacing the section with new base material. We have a range of cutting dies to ensure that we remove only the minimum amount of the original material to ensure the structural integrity of the skis. New material is let into the base before being bonded with the appropriate resin in our hot press. The process of patching a base is complicated and time consuming and hence price is on application and will depend on the level of damage.



We can both replace and re-bond damaged and broken edge sections. We have new edge material in stock and can repair skis and boards that many service centres cannot. This is a complex process and hence price is on application.


Tail damage:

Severe impact to the tail of certain skis can cause the plastic tail to delaminate from the body of the ski. We can effectively repair this damage in a similar manner to the top sheet repair detailed above. Approximate cost is £5 to £10 depending on the level of damage.


Binding damage:

We have a range of new and used binding components. We can repair bindings where appropriate or fix replacement bindings when necessary. We have new ‘old stock’ bindings in stock at very competitive prices.


Other Damage:

We can fix most damage. For items not detailed above please contact us for an estimate.


What we cannot fix:

Catastrophic failure – such as skis / boards that have been snapped or that have totally delaminated in way of the bindings etc. If you are unsure please either bring your skis / board for us to inspect or send us photographs. If your skis / board can be safely repaired we will be able to do it.


Insurance estimates:

We are happy to offer our customers insurance estimates where required.


Please remember - drop off and collection is only at 12 Courtenay Park, Newton Abbot, TQ12 2HD. Click 'Contact' for more information including a map of our location.