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21 Courtenay Park, Newton Abbot, TQ12 2HB


24 Hour drop off and collection:


At Devon Ski Service we like to meet you in person to discuss your ski service requirements, however we realise that sometimes you would prefer the convenience of dropping your skis off 24 hours a day, 7 days per week, 365 days per year.

We have now installed secure 24 hour drop off facilities at our premises. These are located at 21 Courtenay Park at the rear of the building (follow signs at side of house)


Drop Off:

  • Remove Skis / Boards / boots from bags (please take bags and poles home with you).


  • Fill in one ticket per pair of skis / board and attach using the rubber bands provided.


  • Place your skis / boards in the locker. Where possible please put all of your pairs of skis in one locker.


  • Skis: the lockers will accommodate up to 180cm skis. For skis 175cm and above you may need to put the skis in singularly angled across the locker.


  • Snowboards: If you have not removed your bindings then your board may not fit in the locker. In this case please remove bindings using the screwdriver provided and take them home with you.


  • Ski Boots: If you would like us to check your bindings please leave only one boot per pair of skis.



To secure your skis:


Close the door.

Push the handle in and turn anti clockwise.

Put one keyed padlock through the hole in the handle and lock.

Remove the key.

Check that the door is secure (if not then unlock and repeat above steps).

Post key through our front door.

We will contact you to confirm receipt of your skis.



Please contact us to arrange both payment and a collection date in advance.


We will secure your skis in one of the lockers for collection on your chosen day.


The collection padlocks are coded. Please rotate the digits on the padlock (to align with the red line on the padlock) to match the code that we have provided to you. The number should be entered top to bottom.


Remove padlock and leave in greenhouse.


Push handle in and turn clockwise.


Remove your skis / board.


Enjoy your newly serviced equipment!

Bindings set up, mounted and fitted at Devon Ski Service. Previously servicing at Devon Ski Centre.

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